The latest and greatest!

5 Jan

Cupcakes with a cookie topper for an upsherin!  Too tired to try to be funny and clever.  Enjoy the pics!


Happy 2012!

1 Jan

Forget the resolutions…go have yourself a yummy treat! : ) And stay tuned for some new creations over the next week!

Happy Chanukah!

27 Dec

I couldn’t let Chanukah come to a close without some cookies.  I’ll admit it was a busy week, but I managed to get in some draidel cookies of the stained glass variety.  Check ’em out!

Oh and my newest obsession…mini trifles!  Trifles have always been my go to dessert when I didn’t have a lot of time to fuss.  You just bake a cake (duncan hines works just fine), put in some whipped cream and maybe mousse and some crumbled cookies or candies and ‘voila a scruptious dessert is born…but did you ever try them in miniature form…a little bit more work but a whole lot more satisfaction…a slice of heaven in a 20z. cup!  I made these for a Chanukah party I attended this week:

Strawberry Shortcake

Dark choc. fudge cake w/ peanut butter mousse & viennese crunch topping – my personal fav!Devils food w/ chocolate mousse & chocolate shavings

I can’t wait to make these again!

Monkey Business

17 Dec

I was asked to make “Paul Frank” cupcakes for a little girl turning 1!  You know, that adorable monkey with the flat mouth?  That little monkey is everywhere…on clothing, accessories and probably on your kids pajamas.  I was on a mission.  I went looking for some inspiration. The look I was going for was a pretty iced cupcake with a monkey topper.  Take a look at my little adventure from the ordinary to the extraordinary:

First there were the cucpakes – simple:

 Simple and delicious! I have to thank Wilton for their 1M Swirl Tip! So pretty!

And now for the monkey topper:

let the fun begin!  Tracing on waxpaper – it’s a beautiful thing!

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Even monkeys need to accessorize

I think I’m in love!

And there you have it…my version of the Paul Frank monkey on a cupcake!

Here’s a closeup!

…And another

…And another!  I think Paul Frank Industries would be proud! 🙂

‘Tis The Season

17 Dec

Happy Baking!

11 Dec

Wow! What a busy week it was.  It was my sister in-laws birthday, so of coarse there had to be a cake.  We were visiting for the weekend so I was put in charge of all the baking (not just the cake :-).  There was the challah, a fudge pie for dessert… and then on a completely separate note there was the order for a dozen baby themed cupcakes.  It was a whole lot of work and a lot of fun.  Did I mention the whole lot of mess??  Here’s a little taste…

                           strawberries + chocolate + cake + frosting = yummo!

                                         The basketweave, my personal favorite

                                one more look…those strawberries needed a closeup

and then there were the cupcakes…

I love autumn!

6 Dec

I know Thanksgiving is behind us…but its only fair to post leaf cookies in December…Afterall, those of you in Northern NJ may recall a major snowstorm in the middle of October? yes, the leaves were still on the trees and most hadn’t changed colors yet.  Maybe it is the whole global warmimg thing, but the seasons seem to be all mixed up.  I know winter is upon us, I’m hanging on real tight!